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Re: Enterprise: Exec wanted "Top Bands" on the show

SchwEnt wrote: View Post
Yes but... this TrekCore interview remark leads me to think that appealing to a younger demographic via new pop music was only a small part of the deal.
I thought that all the rubbing off in the decon scenes were them trying to appeal to a younger demographic?

It probably did the exact opposite for many people. It made me feel so embarrassed that I was watching ENT at times.

Christopher wrote: View Post
The show's creators make the show their top priority, but the network executives need to make the overall needs of the network their priority, and sometimes -- often -- those come into conflict.
One of the advantages that TNG and DS9 had that VOY and ENT didn't was that TNG/DS9 didn't have to answer to any network since both were first run syndication shows. Paramount decision to bypass the big networks was a blessing. Trek was dealt a terrible blow when the first run syndication market died off.
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