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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Your review of TDK wasn't very illuminating. "Bale sucks", "Ledger doesn't act like the Joker" and "the story is slow" doesn't say much. A blank page is slightly more informative. Your review of your top rated film (Serenity) contains one word "Awesome". Again, not very informative.
Reviews on Criticker have a strict character limit (500, including spaces and things like periods), so any "review" I have for rated movies on there is usually just a comment about it. Also, the word "Awesome!" in Serenity's section isn't something I posted. Criticker puts a word near everything you rate, based off of the number ranking. Depending on the ranking, it will show the score and then say something like: Awesome, Great, Good, Not Good, bad, terrible. Each word is assigned based on a range of numbers, like 90-100 rated movies are called "awesome", 0-50 are terrible, etc.

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Ah, you just rabidly hate Nolan's work.

I didn't even know Nolan before his Batman movies. My post on this site was pretty detailed, and like I said above, the character limit pretty much means I can't say anything detailed about videos on that site. I rabidly hate him because of TDK, before that he was a non-entity to me. I thought Batman Begins wasn't horrible,, but it was pretty mediocre. Then TDK came out, and I hated it for a lot of reasons, none of which were because of a bias towards Nolan. I'll admit I have a bias against him now because of the Dark Knight (not that you need a bias to think Rises sucks) but, since its the movie that made me hate him, you can't really say that I hate the movie because I hate him. It caused me to hate him. Just like how, before Star trek 2009, JJ Abrams was just some guy who directed a TV show I really only know by its reputation for being weird, and now I know he's a hack who destroys everything he touches. You can argue that my prerelease hate for Man of steel is because of my bias towards Nolan, and you'd be partially right. I definately would be more willing to give it a chance if nolan wasn't working on it. But, TDK is a different situation.

To put it simply, when it comes to Nolan, TDK is the cause of my hate and bias towards him, my hate for the movie is not the effect of a prexisting bias. Its the beginning of the hate, not a result. It made me into a "rabid" hater of his work, and because of it I know that, to me, everything he'll ever do will be worthless s%^t, because I hate his work.
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