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Re: Olivia Culpo: Babe of the Week #10 (March 2013)

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She's very pretty and charming and I've always felt sorry for poor little Rhode Island, so Thumbs Up.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Rebranding Babe of the Week into Lady of the Week was a shallow attempt at placating uppity reactionaries to tried and true degrading convention. This has and always will be a low grade peep show for lads too lazy to collect their own low yield celebrity mastubatory aides and nothing is going to change that, except laziness and that we are drowning in superior products everywhere else. Seriously, firebomb playboy mansion if you want to make a point and leave the clustering crusting over virgins in this thread alone to their harmless plotting to treat women like meat.
Or, in the scary world of grown ups, it's actually okay to appreciate beauty.
Sure but most of it manage it without wipe-clean printouts - that is what most do in the 'scary world of grown-ups' and most grown-ups aren't grading women like a piece of meat.
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