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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

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How to turn ST watching into "an event" again?
By limiting how much Trek is out there, which is what the current movies have done.

I think you can have either movies or a TV series, but not both anymore.
Of course you can have both, if they are geared to appeal to distinct audiences, which given the way movies and TV are splitting off into completely different businesses, is a given anyway.
I really don't think Trek can have both a TV series and movies on simultaneously anymore without it eventually being a repeat of what happened last time--it gradually loses its novelty, mainstream audiences get their fill of it and tune out, and people start talking about "franchise fatigue."

But I do agree that it could work if the TV series is indeed for a distinct audience and is really more or less its own thing from the movies--such as an animated series aimed for a younger crowd. Spider-man, the Avengers, Transformers, and G.I. Joe are all movie franchises with separate animated shows geared more towards kids. I could definitely see the next Trek series being like that.
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