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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

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How to turn ST watching into "an event" again?
By limiting how much Trek is out there, which is what the current movies have done.

I think you can have either movies or a TV series, but not both anymore.
Of course you can have both, if they are geared to appeal to distinct audiences, which given the way movies and TV are splitting off into completely different businesses, is a given anyway.

Movies appeal to the global audience for big budget action extravangzas with lots of visual appeal. Nowadays action movies get 60% or more of their box office overseas. The audience skews young.

TV skews more domestic, and the format lends itself to serialization, complex plotlines and deeper characterization. The audience skews older than for action movies. The streaming audience still probably skews towards the techy early adopter, the kind of people who jump on any new technology first, though this will even out in time.

With such disparate audiences, the problem of cannibalization is moot. There will be some overlap in the audiences but also plenty of people who watch one but not the other.

And the content will be very different. Anyone who hates JJ for turning Star Trek into a lens-flare ridden cartoon should be rooting for Netflix to do a series, because it certainly won't be action-heavy. They don't have the budget for it and the audience wouldn't want that.

And don't worry, it won't be House of Cards in space. A tamer version of Game of Thrones is more like it.
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