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Re: DOS Screen Challenge

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The first three games I got for my 486 back in the day were all on there. X-Wing, Alone in the Dark, and Links 386 Pro. Though it was at least a year before I got Links 386 Pro to run. The VESA driver which was supposed to be on the hard disk wasn't there and it took a while before I could get any sort of online without dialing long distance. Thanks a lot Packard Bell.
That's what you get for running Links 386 on a 486!
Man, PC Gamers were a dedicated bunch back then, weren't they? We sure went through a lot just to get things running and squeeze that last bit of memory. The things we did just to play a game. We sure have it easy now.

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I didn't realize until I was an adult just how much software my parents pirated for me as a kid.

Yeah, it was quite a different world back then, but when you think of it, it's also why we've played so many of the games that were out there, some of which probably wouldn't have had the success they did without that going on giving people awareness about them.
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