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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production


A friend sent me a link to an article about your production on the Tulsa World newspaper (website). I live in Tulsa, and I found you guys on Trek BBS. I thought this was wonderful, and I have spent this past week reading the Ajax production section of the Trek BBS. I have never posted a question before, so I hope this is okay.

Here in Tulsa, they are running the original series on Saturday nights.

I have a set question which has bothered me for years. The over-head station monitor displays have a gap between each section. The blueprint X32 (Richard) posted of the Bridge elevation view illustrates this gap.

When I see the gap in an episode, I see that it appears to be larger at times, and smaller at other times. How wide is that section which fills the gap? Did they have different size gap fillers?

I'm sure that my question is vague, given I don't know the technical names for these bridge sections. For clarity, I can point to one scene in the original show.

The gap can really be seen clearly in "The Paradise Syndrome," where Chekov is as Spock's station. I found the frame on > TOS > Screencaps HD > Season 3 Screencaps > The Paradise Syndrome > Frame 699 on Page 24.

Of course they never anticipated we would be able to view these things with such clarity. That explains the paint flaking which is clearly visible on this cover piece. This has bothered me for years, and I thought this might be my first (and only) chance to ask people who have worked on a full-scale replica.

I hope all continues to go well.
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