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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Well, I don't want to get into a war about it, but I'll just list a few things I disliked about the dark knight. I'm not trying to start an argument, or derail the thread. (Note: List is not really in order, i'm just typing my reasons as I think about them, and this list is only for TDK, not Rises, although some problems would fit for both) also, its in a spoiler for 1) length and 2) so people who don't care can easily ignore my post. Like I said before, I'm not trying to start a discussion, just stating a few of my problems with TDK.

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Just to get some perspective on your outlook, are there any movies you like?
Here's my profile at (a film rating/listing site, I use a different username, but its a list of all the movies I've watched that I can remember and have ranked so far)

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