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Re: Largest annual prize for disease cures and life extension created

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This is a false correlation. While all jobs are specialized, they are not all repetitive. Computers are good at the latter, not the former. So, yes, many industrial jubs such as manufacturing can be better done by computer/robotics, it will be far into the future before we have robot cops for example.(Robocop jokes aside). I can think of many jobs that won't be replaced anytime soon. I'm not saying there will be enough to employee everyone, but don't pretend there won't be work to be done.
Apart from numerous robots that do laboratory research and are capable of learning and adjusting the parameters.

I'm hardly pretending that there won't be work to be done, but the reality is we can already automate 75% of the global workforce tomorrow with the technology we already have.
As for police robots.
Don't be so obsolete. Last time, I checked, the military has automated drones.
Those can just as easily fulfill officers duties.

Furthermore, the government is already delegating decision making to machines in increasing quantities.

My point is that no one is irreplaceable.

As for replacing the monetary system, even in a world of free consumer goods and abundance there are still things that will have value - without money, how would you decide who gets them? For example - who gets to own all that beach front property? That cabin in the mountains? What is the motivation to create 79 episodes of Star Trek? For the guy that does all the crap things that barely rates a name in the credits?

You haven't thought this "money is going a way soon" bit through very well.

Monetary systems work. Want to do away with it? Come up with a better replacement first. Then have fun trying to get the entire world to agree to it.
Lol... things have value only because humans arbitrarily assign such notions to them.
My point is that there is no purpose to money when you have access abundance (which is doable today with our technology) and society based on sustainability.

As for convincing the world to go along with it...
Lol... I won't have to.
The monetary system is already eating itself out of existence as is.
Its only a matter of time before the purchasing power of majority of the population drops to near 0 levels where the monetary system cannot function anymore because automation has replaced basically everyone or majority of the world (because its cheaper, faster, and more efficient).

Also.. there is an alternative... The Venus Project.

Funny thing is though, the collapse is probably going to happen in the next decade.
What with molecular manufacturing, numerous jobs being phased out too fast...
No one having the money to re-train, or the industry having the patience to wait for humans to train (because its already easier, faster, cheaper and more efficient to automate MANY jobs than it is for Humans to do them).

I find this ludicrous persistence on pushing the monetary system (that's creating our problems) in the face of our technology and abundance (which which the monetary system cannot cope seeing how it already collapsed several times because of it) we generate today to be pointless.
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