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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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As for Indian stereotypes, when I think of Chakotay in this ep, I think of Tom's conversation with Janeway in New Zealand.
And, see, as an Indian, I think of such cringeworthy moments as Tom's life belonging to Chakotay and incoherent babble about turning into a bird & flying out of there.

A noble savage is still a savage. A positive stereotype is still a stereotype.

They couldn't even be bothered to give the man a real tribe.
I see your point.

I also see why young white men would cringe at the young white male stereotype in Tom's conversation with Janeway.
Maybe they would.

However there are lots of fine, upstanding examples of white malehood in Star Trek.

There is only one Indian.

When they first announced that Voyager would have an American Indian crew member, we were thrilled. He could be inspirational, the way Uhura was in the 60s.

Then they made the character completely unrecognizable as an Indian to other Indians. So much for inspirational.
Akoochimoya, my indigenous ass.
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