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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Nagisa Furukawa wrote: View Post
I have zero problem with them doing the origin again. It's not only one of the most famous modern myths of our age, but it's crucial to do what this film seems like it's trying to do; show how the world would react, for better and worse, if Superman really did appear.

Plus, the last time we saw the origin on the big screen was in 78 (unlike Spider-Man who got his origin repeated 10 years later). Yeah, on TV there was Smallville, but that was a VERY decompressed version that tried to spread the butter over ten years' worth of bread and lost all coherency as an actual origin story by the time Clark had already fought Brainiac, Doomsday and Darkseid and almost married Lois before he ever put on the spandex.

For a film trying to reinvent Superman for our age, I think doing the origin is absolutely crucial.
I'm perfectly fine with them doing an origin, I just don't want it to take up half the friggin movie again (or, as with Batman Begins, 3/4 of the movie).

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I figured Nolan would be the main person behind the story, and I HATE The dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises (TDK being my second most hated movie of all time after JJ's 2009 abomination) so, from my perspective, this is really the worst Superman movie that could possibly be made. Well, actually, I suppose they could have gotten JJ to direct it, at which point the movie would suck so badly it would cause a rift in the space time continuum and destory the universe.
Wow. I'm hardly the biggest Nolan fan, but even I thought TDK was pretty damn fantastic. I don't know what one could possibly "hate" about it.
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