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Re: Olivia Culpo: Babe of the Week #10 (March 2013)

Oh, I agree, and Olivia Wilde was one I'd make a million more threads for, but the rule was I had to pick new ones. Otherwise, we'd have seen Rachel Bilson and Rachel McAdams again as well, probably.

you think it's easy to pick these out, but hat's off to Aragon for being able to continue to find new, relevent women to feature each week. When sitting down to do this, probably took a couple dozen tries before I found 3 new names that felt worthy of putting my name to. Go through all your favorite actresses from tv shows, movies, etc, and they're damned near all already up here. How he keeps finding relevent A/B-listers is impressive!

Nice part of being able to do a couple myself was being able to inject a little local/regional talent into the thread. The one I think will end up being my next pick in a few weeks is possibly my favorite
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