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Re: your top five (low five?) least favourite characters

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Alexander's change in perspective was annoying, especially seeing as it wasn't actually necessary; the story of Sons and Daughters wasn't dependent on Alexander having a change of heart. It's wartime, and a rather unambiguous war at that, where the stakes are massive - either defend yourself against the Dominion, or become vassals of the Founders. The idea that Alexander might enlist for the duration of the war therefore makes sense; they didn't have to make his earlier character arc pointless by seeming to suggest that he now wants to be a warrior after all.

He could easily have told Worf: "I still have no intention of being a "good Klingon" and I still don't care for fitting into your culture - I'm just here because I'm helping with the war effort, and this is a just war. That's all".
Great point. Although I liked the Dukat/Ziyal/Kira storyline, I blame that episode's drop in quality in that 7 episode arc -- as I do the Section 31/Bashir/Obrien episode in the final 10 episode arc -- on the poor writing of David Weddle and Bradley Thompson. Just awful writers. Even on BSG, I liked their work least -- until Jane Espenson's arrival.
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