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Re: Anybody remember "Gargoyles"?

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Darkwing was weird for me, because it was superficially in the DuckTales universe but didn't really fit with it stylistically. DuckTales was a very Disneyesque cartoon universe; aside from the anthropomorphic animals and fantasy phenomena, it tended to be relatively naturalistic. If Scrooge McDuck fell out of a plane without a parachute, you knew he'd die if he hit the ground and would need to be saved before then. But if Darkwing fell out of a plane and hit the ground, he'd just turn into an accordion for a bit and then be fine once they cut to a new scene. Because Darkwing Duck was set in more of a Warner Bros./Looney Tunes universe than a Disney universe. Darkwing was really a thinly veiled copy of Daffy Duck in Stupor Duck/Scarlet Pumpernickel/Duck Dodgers mode, albeit Disneyfied and domesticated by giving him an adoptive daughter -- and a little more competent than Daffy in that he actually succeeded in stopping the bad guys most of the time.

It was only weird to you because you didn't see it for what it was, a Batman/Shadow spoof. (Hence the "terror that flaps" pronouncements.) The only thing that ties it to DuckTales is the presence of Launchpad McQuack. Otherwise, the twain never met and didn't need to.

And Sephiroth, I didn't hate Bonkers, but I figured setting a cartoon in the "Roger Rabbit" universe without actual live-action sequences seemed kind of pointless.
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