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Re: Man lured to his death on Facebook with promise of Threesome sex

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Idiot deserved what he got.
Stay classy, bro.

This story is further evidence that a lot of men are easily led by the promise of sex. The women who did this must not be that bright, though, to think this was the way to get that money.
If you read the story, the girls (and they are girls, 16 and 18) were not involved in the murder, but hid under a blanket when the violence started and tried to help the victim after he was stabbed. They were brought on by the robbers as bait and promised a share of the taking. Basically a bunch of stupid kids doing stupid things that got out of hand.
I still say the women are just as guilty...they knew they were doing the wrong thing and if it "got out of hand" well they have to bear the responsibility. No one forced them to trick Smith into visiting them.
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