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^Fortunately my sisters and mom can be my eyes and ears, I trust their judgement. I don't trust anyone my grandmother has ever hired, though. Like I said, she has terrible judgement (always has been a bad judge of character, even before she started deteriorating). She always goes the cheapest possible route, and doesn't research, when has led to horrible advice, sleazy lawyers, and scams. Right now I have to figure out what to do about her insurance policy: based on the bad advice of one of the people she hired, she bought a $300K life insurance policy, but she will lose it all if she lives beyond 87. She's 85 now, and both her parents lived till their late 90s.

I want to restate how valuable all the advice I've gotten is, and thank you all again, since I won't have time to digest and respond to each of you immediately.

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