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Re: The old "DS9 stole from B5" thing

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Considering a Jump Gate is basically a comon occurance in the Babylon 5 verse what with it being a device to use their version of FTL on ships not big enough to do it on their own, whereas the wormhole was a super rare occurance that made it practicle to get to a distant and unexplored region of the galaxy and there are no other wormholes like that IT'S NOT A STOLEN IDEA. Their not even remotly similar except big blue thing ships fly through.
So, pretty much exactly the same thing functionally, which serves exactly the same purpose in both shows, except for its origin.
Only if you're willing to twist evidence to support an agenda.

Jump gates were B5's version of warp drive, they were present in every major system and allowed ships from anywhere in the B5 galaxy to visit the station. It's an interstellar onramp.

The Bajoran wormhole was a unique astronomical feature that only provided access to a distant and unexplored region of the galaxy. The purpose of its existence was to provide a stationary show with a legitimate method of accessing unexplored space to satisfy the exploration aspect of Star Trek.

The only similarity is that they're blue swirly things in space, and I'm pretty sure that the inspiration for that aspect of the wormhole in DS9 was TNG's Barzan wormhole, which was a blue swirly thing in space.

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Maybe B5 liked the defiant and came up with the White Star.

Maybe (probably) DS9 saw how cool the Shadow War idea was, and worked the Dominion War up.
Maybe (probably) your evidence is circumstantial at best, and you chose to stir up crap here because of an anonymous, factually dubious comment left on a Gawker media blog.
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