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Re: DW Series 7 Returns!!...with "The Bells of St John"

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Although, I agree, it's far more likely a mistake made by whoever wrote that.

To the left of the Motorcycle, down near the corner, there is a seemingly new alien, and you can see part of what looks like a Cardassian Spoon imprint, though on the right, just above and to he left of the Ice Warrior, there's a robot looking being that may actually have a spoon shaped head, and thee's a Cyberman just below that Ice Warrior

There's boatloads of stuff in the ice shards, I didn't so much notice it with the smaller sized pic, but, definitely can see them all when using as a Wallpaper and stretching it. Of course, now, I need to clean all the files off my desktop so I can really see them all
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