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Re: Anybody remember "Gargoyles"?

Darkwing was weird for me, because it was superficially in the DuckTales universe but didn't really fit with it stylistically. DuckTales was a very Disneyesque cartoon universe; aside from the anthropomorphic animals and fantasy phenomena, it tended to be relatively naturalistic. If Scrooge McDuck fell out of a plane without a parachute, you knew he'd die if he hit the ground and would need to be saved before then. But if Darkwing fell out of a plane and hit the ground, he'd just turn into an accordion for a bit and then be fine once they cut to a new scene. Because Darkwing Duck was set in more of a Warner Bros./Looney Tunes universe than a Disney universe. Darkwing was really a thinly veiled copy of Daffy Duck in Stupor Duck/Scarlet Pumpernickel/Duck Dodgers mode, albeit Disneyfied and domesticated by giving him an adoptive daughter -- and a little more competent than Daffy in that he actually succeeded in stopping the bad guys most of the time.
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