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Re: TOS Caption Contest #270: The Immunity Caption

Kirk: "Scotty we are going to travel back in time to bring back two humpbacks into the future"
Scotty: "Humpback....People?"
Kirk:"Whales scotty, whales."
Scotty" Welsh humpback people?"

Bones: Do you know what i had to go through to get hold of those glasses, and the first chance you get to travel back in time, you go and pawn them, you inconsiderate, green blooded....!!!
Kirk " I am sure that bus driver short changed me"

McCoy "Angels and ministers of grace preserve us"
Chapel " Dr wouldn't actual treatment help these people more than quotes from shakespeare?

Uhura: Captain, I'm receiving whale song.
Kirk : I'm sure McCoy has some cream for that".

Gillian "Hi, i'm Gillian, i'm thought i would join you all in the future."
McCoy: "This is a innoculation shot for all the diseases she brought with her from the 20th that we are now all open to attack from, nice one Jim"

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