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Re: Enterprise: Exec wanted "Top Bands" on the show

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At least it would have elevated the music from being accoustic wallpaper.
That happened anyway. The music in ENT was a lot richer than it had been on the previous couple of shows.

Another thing that bugs me, future guy and the stupid temporal cold war was still Berman's and Braga's fault. UPN obviously wanted a stuff from chronologically later Star Trek incorporated into the show, but B&B failed to do it in a way that didn't suck, the executives wanted it is no excuse, I doubt someone at UPN send them a specific "shadowy future guy with mysterious nonsense plan that no one, not even you understands" order.
I think that's a little harsh. It's hard to do a good job at something if you're not inspired by it, if it's just something you're ordered to insert by network fiat. The specifics may have been their idea, but it wasn't something they wanted to do at all; they wanted to focus strictly on the 22nd century. So without the desire or inspiration to do it, they were just going through the motions, and thus it's no wonder the results were unimpressive.

Indeed, maybe there was an element of protest to it. Maybe they wanted the TCW stuff to be so unimpressive that the network would agree to let them downplay or drop it. And if so, they kind of succeeded, because the TCW was barely dealt with in season 2 (outside of the season premiere and finale there was only "Future Tense"), retooled into the Xindi arc in season 3, and wrapped up entirely at the start of season 4.
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