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Re: The old "DS9 stole from B5" thing

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The name Babylon was picked because it means "Gate of God." Why is that? Because there was a jump gate next to the station. What's next to DS9? Why it's a wormhole!
Considering a Jump Gate is basically a comon occurance in the Babylon 5 verse what with it being a device to use their version of FTL on ships not big enough to do it on their own, whereas the wormhole was a super rare occurance that made it practicle to get to a distant and unexplored region of the galaxy and there are no other wormholes like that IT'S NOT A STOLEN IDEA. Their not even remotly similar except big blue thing ships fly through.
So, pretty much exactly the same thing functionally, which serves exactly the same purpose in both shows, except for its origin.
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