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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

I think I love you, Man... Okay- maybe not. But I do love that you're sharing this epic job. I thought Cary's was cool, but this is just epic!

A couple of questions. I've been following but can't recall if you covered it, and I'm not going through 37 pages to find the answers . Anyway- Is the size you selected taking into consideration the thickness of whatever hull plating you slap on her? And I'm excited what your plans are for the nacelles. What are you going to base them off of?

I'm quite entrenched in the nacelles containing the power for the ship and engineering sections being where the power is stored, converted, manipulated, and shunted. As well as where other power sources are generated. I won't be disappointed if you're not going that route- just curious.

Oh ya- do you have this all backed up? I'd hate to see your work lost due to a pesky computer issue.

Awesome work! Cheers.

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