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Re: Would Picard have thought Worf would have made a "hell of a Captai

I dont think the op was asking whether Worf would have become a captain but whether, at anypoint in the trek timeline, Picard might have shared Sisko's opinion that Worf would make a good captain.

Imho i dont think Picard would have thought of Worf as captain material during his time on the Enterprise. He was firmly in the security career track and although he was shown as being a younger officer still learning things and gradually being given more responsibility as the series went on it never seemed like the other characters expected him to ever rise above the role of security chief. During magic meeting room meetings his opinions/suggestings on how to handle the crisis of the week were nearly always immediately shot down by Picard or another staff spoke out against it even when no one else had a better idea. Combined with how the other staff seemed to like lecturing him on how he should embrace enlightened federation ideals more and adhere less to his violent klingon ideals it came accross imho as though they were holding him back from being his true self and this limited his potential.

I think Sisko was more openminded and more easily saw the potential in Worf, and in all of his staff, perhaps because of the way his own career went and also the shared situation of considering leaving starfleet made him see himself in Worf. Imho it always seemed like Worf was more accepted for he was and allowed to be himself on DS9 than on TNG. Maybe if Picard had visited DS9 and saw Worf doing successfully in the command track he could have had a 'Worf is doing great in the command track why did i never see his potential before now?' moment.
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