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Re: Braga: "Archer was supposed to be Future Guy"

archer was a good guy. im sure he had good reason to become a major player in the TCW.

it makes for a pretty compelling story when you think about it. maybe archer is accidentally thrown into the 29th century, and becomes aware of something so devastating, that hes forced to join the temporal cold war to try and right the wrong.

future guy (archer) always wanted the "tech". klangs tech, daniels tech, mysterious future tense dudes tech, nazi alien dudes tech... he could only communicate through time, but daniels, the xindi - they could travel through time, and bring their tech, and archer couldnt. future guy to me seemed like the underdog. 200 years behind the other factions, just tryin to score sumbodys real life fully legit time machine!

in shockwave pt II daniels shows archer how to communicate through time using a 22nd century communicator, scanner, and some math he learned in grade school in a way daniels helps create his own nemesis.

i never once during the shows run thought future guy was archer. after seeing the quantum beacons work on the romulan mines in minefield, i was sure future guy was romulan.
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