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Re: Olivia Culpo: Babe of the Week #10 (March 2013)

Yay, one of my picks! Hadn't thought about it when I randomly threw in a bracket for the tourney, but it's damned hard trying to find 3 famous women you like that we haven't already had a BOTW thread about! Fortunately, the Miss Universe pageant happened a day or two before I was submitting, so she was fresh on my mind. Plus, a nice little plug for Rhode Island! Her hometown is about 20 minutes from me, although sadly, I've never run into her.

Either way, seemed like a worthy addition, because she's smoking hot. And some of the more casual pics still have a little of that 'girl next door' vibe going. Was going to go all-blondes just to annoy a few of you, but instead, you got a nice mixture: brunette, blonde, and one that seems to bounce around between blonde, redhead, and occasionally brunette.

Lastly, does Olivia have a little bit of a Sarah Shahi thing going on? Not in all the pics, but several (like the freeze frame to start the video) have a strong vibe for her.
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