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Re: Google shows what its like to use Google Glass

You know.. these are the killer technologies that will make a product and a company and have the potential to change lifestyles.

It's why Apple is declining slowly.. they started the smartphone market in earnest, introduced Siri but then nothing new but better displays or increased battery life which is boring and no one will buy a new phone each year to get that.

Google Glass is such an interesting concept and the video makes it look fascinating. Who didn't wish sometimes they'd have a camera handy to make a personal video and the possibilities of thedisplay technology together with the wealth of information from the internet is near limitless.

All that remains is to perfect the technology until it becomes near unnoticeable, i.e. make it smaller, lighter and overall perform better but since it's the first generation there's plenty of room left for improvement and i'm pretty sure if it hits well in the stores it will be developed further.

A personal Heads Up Display.. well, that's cool.
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