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Re: Olivia Culpo: Babe of the Week #10 (March 2013)

I may muddy things up, but my point was... Why is this a "Babe of the Week" Thread, and not a "Lady of the Week" thread, and is there a difference, and if there isn't a difference why the change, and who was consoled by the insubstantial whitewash thinking that it was a metamorphosis which graduated this thread from offensive to tolerable?

I was questioning the language used, not the women objectified.

You didn't get that?

Sure it's probably a typo, but such an oversight only proves how meaningless the rebranding was if it's the thought that counts and the thoughts have not changed in the slightest towards the undertaking of this project.

I'm fine with objectifying celebrities, they signed away their privacy and they're paid quite well to live with their choices... It's the preteen Russian slaves chained up in sodomydungeons who I believe get the real short end of the stick when it comes to questions about feminism.

Pursuing Sexual equality in the first world is somewhat like the Rambo One.

Dude did not know that the war was over.
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