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Re: your top five (low five?) least favourite characters

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1. Brunt

What's worse than over the top stereotype Ferengi? The one dimensional antagonist to over the top stereotype Ferengi. And it's not Jeffrey Combs' fault, he was wonderful. You know the South Park character 'Scott, the Dick'? That was Brunt, only not a parody.

2. Vic Fontaine

Even the DS9 writers could not convince me that all these people would be obsessed with a holodeck recreation of a crooner stereotype. He is my biggest 'Netflix skip'

3. Alexander

Quarter human anti-warrior to incompetent idiot who suddenly wishes he could be a warrior. Ugh.

4. Late series Zek

I thought in his first appearance he was pretty good, but he became such a cartoon later on it's absurd.

5. Joran Dax

His episodes were always awkward, and he always seemed to me more like a bad guy on a crime procedural than a believable killer.

Dishonorable mention: The Intendant

Ooh, Alt-Kira is a lesbian hedonist, how ratings-interesting.

Why so much Winn hate? She didn't go downhill until the last ten episodes IMO. Until then she was the perfect politician. One of the most realistic villains in the series. I see Winn in the entire US senate.
I agree about Alexander. I remember being upset when DS9 changed Alexander, after Worf's acceptance of his son's difference on TNG was so moving and more interesting.
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