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Re: Enterprise: Exec wanted "Top Bands" on the show

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The reason Berman and Braga get all the blame is we know their names. Do we know the names of any of UPN execs ? I certainly do not. So its easy to lay all responsibility for things fans do not like on the public face of TPTB. Which for television is writers and producers. Even if its not the reality.
But because we know their names the producers/writers also get all the credit when something's good, even if it was an executive's idea.

I don't think the executive should be criticised for having that idea, in a creative environment bad ideas happen all the time, it's inevitable. At least he was trying to do something new to boost the show's popularity, that's not a bad thing and Enterprise was criticised for being the same old crap again.
It's not even that different from stuff Star Trek had been doing for years, they always seemed to have a thing for incorporating the 20th century. Dixon Hill, Riker's jazz club, Joe Piscopo, Stephen Hawking, Sandrine's (technically a 24th century place that just happens to look like something you could walk into today), Tom Paris general fixation on the 20th century, various movie nights featuring ass old movies (from the characters' perspective).

Having hot new bands really isn't that different, the real problem seems to be that the writer's were flailing their arms because they couldn't use the holodeck like they did for years.

I also agree with the executive that it's the writer's job to come up with a way to make the idea work, that's what they get paid for, taking ideas and turning them into a filmable script.

You what happened when executives suggested "Batman in High School" to the DCAU writers? Instead of whining that it doesn't work they made Batman Beyond.

Maybe the band idea could have worked somehow but it doesn't seem like anyone even tried. At least it would have elevated the music from being accoustic wallpaper.

Another thing that bugs me, future guy and the stupid temporal cold war was still Berman's and Braga's fault. UPN obviously wanted a stuff from chronologically later Star Trek incorporated into the show, but B&B failed to do it in a way that didn't suck, the executives wanted it is no excuse, I doubt someone at UPN send them a specific "shadowy future guy with mysterious nonsense plan that no one, not even you understands" order.
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