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Re: Dukat character - writer's mess?!

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Dukat was my absolute favourite DS9 character until the end of Season 6 and the entirety of Season 7 assassinated his character. It BAFFLES me that the writers thought Dukat being a complex, often sympathetic character was bad so he had to be a 2d cartoon vilain. I love Waltz but Sisko declaring Dukat as pure evil was insanely out of character.

Dukat wasn't pure evil. He was at times thoroughly decent, honourable and clearly was starting to like the DS9 crew in a Quark-esque arc of going native. The writers... expect the audience to forget that in the final 2 seasons but it's insane. Nope. Not buying it guys. Dukat could be a good man. I saw it a ton of times.
I remember thinking that at the time.

Still, when I hate someone, I do talk like Sisko does. I see it now as a reflection of Sisko's anger and hatred than a factual description. I thought Dukat returned to his initial self in that last 10 episode arc. I think the fear by Behr was in reading fans trying to make him out to be a hero and that Bajor's occupation wasn't so bad as to deserve his hatred. That really frightened him.

Edit: Ignore my previous paragraph because the poster before me already wrote what I was referring to.

What I LOVE about Behr is that he has a strongly political and moral conscience to his writing. Star Trek isn't interesting to me without him.
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