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Re: Wonderful Enterprise 1702 (Fan made) flying at future earth

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Overall, not a bad design. I don't think that the "spokes" look wide enough; they look a little thin for passageways, and look like they don't have much hull plating between them and the vacuum of space. I kind of like the simplicity of how the nacelles and pylons are mounted on the elliptical hull, though she looks a little small for an Enterprise, especially the later the era that she is supposed to be from.

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junxon wrote: View Post
yeah... you totally didn't get what i meant.

the 'probed' was like 'probed by aliens'. which i'll be honest is a lame joke that seemed funny at the time. and wasn't aimed at you anyway.

and the weird rant was in response to your massive piece about me criticizing you when i hadn't. and if english isn't your first language i guess that would be lost in translation.

good luck with your starships and i'm out of here.
I did not find the joke ammusing, since I already had to deal with jokes like that each time I mention anything remorely related to UFO's, hence why I stay in the art forums, mainly, now. Not in the moods for drama, you know.

Can't wait to see anymore of the stuffs.
I think that is a major problem with the subject: not enough people take UFOs or ETs seriously. Instead of approaching the subject seriously and with some form of alacrity, as a society, we mostly ignore it, and if it were to turn out that some of the claims made by conspiracy theorists were true, by ignoring, ridiculing, and even worse, discouraging the subject, we might be doing so to our own eventual detriment.

And I find it disturbing that I haven't found many other members here who appear to take seriously the possibility that not only have UFOs and aliens have been here for quite some time, but also that at least some unpleasant claims might have a truth behind them. I would expect much more open minds on the subject.
I think the mainstream ignores it because they don't want to be a 'black sheep' and stick out from the crowds. You'll be so surprised how some people, in public will laugh and ridicule the idea of alien life, BUT, behind closed doors, they sing a completely different song. I have seen people beginning to talk about the subject, in public with other people, and in a serious way, actually wanting to learn more of it.

And on this site especially, I see a lot of closed's like if they see it on a Trek episode or film, it's all "Cool!" yet if there's a possibility of it actually being a reality or even better, they go, "NO! HELL, NOOOOO!!!!!!" it's like they can't handle the idea that there's a very good chance that there's more to the universe than their 'safe' little world where the highest concerns are angry Muslims, healthcare, the cost of oil and what's for dinner. It's like they want their safe little world to stay, even if it's a miserable one.

Hell, just suggest the ancient aliens theory, that ET beings came to our world, in the distant past, and influenced our advancements in culture, technology and even genetics (this topic has been addressed in many forms of non-American science fiction, it's a staple in Dr. Who, and even in some TOS Trek and early TNG) ready for a lot of ridicule, or silly images often involving pictures of proponents/believers of intelligent alien life with some cheesy caption at the bottom or downright particular poster even went so far to say that one of the earliest guys who researched the concept be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for 'spreading his ideas into the public'.....apart from his apparent disregard towards the 1st amendment, and his obvious discomfort at an idea that not everything in the world was purely human based just makes him look like some Hitler wannabe when he had all Jewish publications burnt.

I really never saw WHY anyone, apart from those in power (the world will change completely when the truth of alien life comes out, which will happen soon, I feel, and there's no turning back, and those in control of everything will have a lot to lose) would be so hostile, or at least uncomfortable about a theory that not everything in the world was achieved by strictly human effort....apart from some sort of arrogance or vanity. And those guys keep saying "show me the proof it exists!" though they never state what would be acceptable as proof and how much of it, and they also have to prove that it does NOT exist, and they are not able to do so anymore than the proponents of the theory we were influenced. Though I look at many, many things from the past depicted in paintings, drawings, sculptures and so on of things that look not from this world and something looking totally alien to us.....was it merely just imagination, or was it something they saw and tried to record that event for future reference? Ancients often used writing more for recording events in their lives and less for mere fancy or fiction. Seems Brrokings is correct on one point, that the disclosure of the truth of alien life would mainly effect and devastate scientists and engineers (well, mainstream ones who do their jobs solely for either a paycheck or some sought after self glory) since their view of the universe would be shattered and they'd no longer be the true masters over nature.

Ignoring, ridiculing and discouraging discussion (they often use coincidence or other tired ideas so they can give say what they want and not really need to back it) of these topics is not only, to me, the fast, lazy way out, it's also makes mainstream culture look like it's populated by arrogant, lazy, fat and ignorant people who make themselves look so silly......they laugh and giggle at it, yet they make stuff like sports, reality TV, celebrity gossip, video games and all that into something that seems important, if not a religion in themselves. They say anyone who believes such a concept of aliens or that we were influenced by them are lunatics.....yet those people obsess with things like Anne Hatheway's personality, or who got voted off if that's something that is really important.

I am considering making a forum of my own for the sole purpose of discussing these topics, without any fear of ridicule, and being able to talk about something without someone's infantile "ROTL!" mentality and harassment, we'll see how that goes. But, yea, you've really impressed me with what you just typed there.....not many folks have the guts to say that, well, not here in America, anyhow. It's far more accepted in other countries like Mexico, Japan, India, Russia, and so on.

If alien life and the ancient alien theory is proven, 100% false, I'll the be the first to accept that, but I have not seen anything than proves that, not even remotely close.

And don't worry, JES, if some of the guys here give you a hard time for wanting to discuss such a thing and if you believe in me, being ridiculed on the topic of the existence on alien life or the ancient aliens theory by some Star Trek nerds will not wound me much, really, it will just add to the list of things why people often laugh at them.

Besides, one person I know said, "I'm a Trek fan, I've loved Trek since I first seen it back in the 60's, and when I see these fans who say there's no alien life or the idea of it is silly, they miss out on one of the biggest aspects of Trek" and it's not mere social issues and so on, but exploring the unknown and seeing who and what is out there. Probably a reason I myself will always go for pre-2009 Trek than the current JJ Stuff. I pretty much only stay in the art section of this forum site these days, and avoid the drama queens in the others, especially in alien related topics since they won't listen to anyone, unless that person is a pimply faced nerd in a labcoat on a government grant, someone from NASA, or from the government.....which makes no sense to me, especially that last one since government rarely, if ever, have our interests in mind.

Anyhow, I look forward to more of this most excellent design and what else comes up.
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