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Re: Giving Enterprise another chance

Extinction was actually the last straw that made me quit when it first aired.

My God, I'm trying to conjure up positive memories of the first two seasons, all I can remember:
-Hoshi is able to figure out an entire language based on hearing it briefly.
-Hoshi is afraid of transporters -- this leads to random reset button ep that is a hack of Next Phase
-T'Pol teaches a colony of people to defend themselves against klingons by ducking then rolling
-Phlox cures borg assimilation in five minutes
-T'Pol gets a mindmeld transmitted disease and Vulcans don't want to cure it because mindmelds are bad OMG SOCIAL RELEVANCE HOMOSEXUALITY holy fucking shit that is stupid
-Reed thinks saying 'Stinky' to T'Pol is sexual
-Decontamination sauna
-Phlox invents the prime directive in five minutes by allowing millions to die for no reason
-Ridiculous time travel storylines
-Trip can't sleep, Phlox prescribes erotic massages from T'Pol
-Porthos pees on a tree, this leads to a revelation that Phlox cleans his long tongue with a metal rod.

Positive memories:
-T'Pol likes Jazz
-Alien uses stomach acid to cauterize Trip's wound
-Mine goes through leg

Single scenes, mostly. Every NPC in the first two seasons was written terribly, every story was disposable, and all the emotions any character displayed before mid-season 3 was disposable sitcom emotions.
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