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Re: TP: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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To be honest, I hated Rough Beasts of Empire, and in particular DRG III's take on Sisko. With Plagues I think he stuck to his guns on his take on the character while also giving readers some much needed scenes between Kasidy and Ben. With Plagues we finally get to see how Kasidy feels and what she thinks about Ben's actions. And perhaps its my imagination, but I would like to think that DRG III took some of the criticisms of his take on Sisko to heart and they were voiced by Kasidy. I'm still not a fan of Sisko's decision, but at least with Plagues we got that dialogue between the characters and something of a truce between them. Also it was good reading Sisko's scenes with Rebecca.

Yeah, I agree with this. Not finished with this volume yet, but I've gotten through some of the early interaction with Kasidy and Rebecca. It directly addresses some of the issues with how things were handled in Rough Beasts, which helps a lot in terms of Sisko's characterization.

The interpretation of the Prophet's words that is motivating all of this still strikes me as flimsy at best (or, more specifically, the idea that divorcing Kasidy can undo the original decision to ignore the Prophet's warning). But... perhaps there will be some long-term payoff, or some type of clarification down the road.
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