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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Also, who is maintaining the haircuts in this group? Daryl seems to be the only one whose hair remains unkempt, everybody else has perfect hair (albeit greasy looking). Carol's hair hasn't grown an inch since she was first introduced. Did Glenn use to be a hairstylist before everything went to shit?
I've been noticing Carol's hair has grown some this season. Actually... ever since Lori died. In fact, everyone has gotten a bit scraggly this season, Rick, Daryl & definitely Hershel. Maybe Lori was cutting everyone's for the most part

JD wrote: View Post
And this brings up another thing, whatever happened to the Horses at the Greene farm? Did they just leave them to be eaten? Personally, I would think keeping them around would be a good idea. They're a quieter and easier maintenance alternative method of transportation.
Because riding around a giant, trotting, half ton meatsicle worked out so well for Rick. Cars & trucks are faster, can haul more, & offer protection from the elements & attack. So long as fuel is salvageable, or able to be improvised, it's the better option. There's barely a scene in a car that doesn't have the obligatory walker bashing into it for shock value. Given that constant issue, a car is good for saving ammo, if nothing else
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