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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Worlds' Finest has been consistently entertaining, which I can't say for most nu52 titles.

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Comparing what Morrison has done with Damian and what Slott has done with Peter are two entirely different things. Peter Parker is still alive albeit not physically , and as I've mentioned in the Marvel thread many times now, Superior Spider-Man is part of a larger still ongoing story line that has been unfolding since Slott took over Amazing full time. Morrison is concluding his run and concluding a character arc that he created and started himself. I don't think the two are comparable at all, nor does Slott need to "take lessons". Besides which everyone knows that Peter will be back in his body at some point...we don't know that with Damian right now.
I agree, but for reasons we will completely disagree about: Morrison/Damian is different than Slott/Peter, but I don't buy for a second that Slott's been building to this since his debut on ASM. There are too many clues that they are testing ideas and dropping them if the blowback is too great (which I have no real problem with), while Morrison just kept doing what he wanted with the whole Batman saga - admittedly, details changed, but nothing on par with the Carlie "Isn't she the best oops wait you all hate her theybrokeupyaaaaayyyy!" Cooper stuff.

It's not just Octo-Spidey I'm referring to here, it's the difference between a considered, interesting new take on a character and "let's throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks as long as it isn't MJ". I like Slott (Human Torch/Spidey was a great series) but at the moment he's nowhere near Morrison when it comes to laying clues, following through with narrative promise, or developing character.
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