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It continues to surprise and amuse me just how much of a reation I can get out of using the word "Pure." This is more fun than the zero thing!
With all the paradigm shifts within the franchise it is a difficult concept.

I don't know if I read you correctly, but what I missed a lot ever since Trek movies went down the wrath / revenge / conflict / war path is the original concept that Star Trek is about to go where no one has gone before (and not to go where George Lucas or JMS went, it's derivative), explore space, meet different cultures and how to handle human and interspecies relationships and conflicts.

That's what I always assumed to be Roddenberry's Star Trek Vision, that's what used to be Star Trek's trademark and - I have to put it bluntly - the animated series had more of these Star Trek characteristics than the same amount of "Star Trek" movie screen time I had to endure in previous years.

Unless, as you put it, a "traditionalist" puts Star Trek back onto its original tracks to create a noticable distinction from "Star Wars" or "Star...Ship Troopers" I don't see a promising future for the franchise.

Honestly, I just use the words "tradition" and "pure" simply to get a rise out of people. And it works much better than I usually intend. I'm really not that picky about Star Trek and honestly don't care about what is or isn't "true to Roddenberry's vision." But really, being an "anythign goes" kind of guy doesn't really make for an entertainng online persona.
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