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Re: Over-dependency on friends and relatives

I have no siblings, so I can't really relate here, but I have friends and sometimes they go on with their changed lives while I'm stuck somewhere else and am not allowed, so to speak, to follow.

But I think talking about it to her is not a good idea. It I were in such a situation, I'd worry I could make her feel guilty and uncomfortable that she made me feel abandoned and I can't think that could be good or could improve anything.

Be like Borg - adapt. She moved on with her life. So you do the same. I know you're in tough place in your life right now and that change doesn't come easy, but I think the best is to relax and go on. It's not that you won't see her again, not that you're on "don't speak to you" terms. She's still there, just a bit farther, that's all.
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