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Re: What is the biggest reason that you read Trek novels/stories?

Several of the poll options describe why I enjoy reading Trek novels, which makes for a reason in itself, but a big reason, frankly, is familiarity: Treklit is my comfort food. I know roughly what I'm going to get (which isn't a plea for stagnation, though; rather, the occasional deviation or new thematic development adds spice) and that there's a high probability I'm going to like it. That makes it relaxing and diverting, and less challenging than other reading material. Not that I don't want to be challenged, but I don't want to be challenged in the same way or to the same degree all the time; life provides challenges on a constant basis, so a little timeout now and then stemming from agency in picking the type of engagement makes for a great catalyst. So my reading list tends to look like this: Alternating between Trek novels and non-Trek novels (which come from varying genres and centuries), and a non-fiction book alongside either.
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