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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

I just skimmed through the interesting bits.

My less than serious point of view still holds water because Adolf was batshit crazy.

Hitler believed that Jesus was an Aryan anti-Semite.

That's comedy gold.

I'll amend my previous stipulation to state that Hitler believed in the bible after he rewrote it.

You have to wonder if Nazi Germany could have sweet talked a diplomatic Relationship out of Diana, because the concentration camps and everything else was above top secret right up until the last days of the war...

In JLA New Frontier, the comic, Eisenhower slaps Diana on the rump and calls her a "Good little woman" or something equally dismissive, where-after she hesitantly decides not to snap the President over her knee.

Can you imagine a racist angry drunk like Churchill would be any more more presentable?

Honestly, a teetotalling vegetarian putting his best foot forward as long as he kept all his skeletons in an awfully large closet could rightly make a better first impression than the good guys.

But that's the problem with crazy people they don't know when to lie.
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