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Re: DOS Screen Challenge

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The developers behind that have had an interesting history. Distinctive Software also developed the first 2 Test Drive games, and in general they made some great games, which I might add had some great soundtracks. Anyone remember the Test Drive II soundtrack? You can see many similarities in the interfaces of their games during that period. In 1991, they got bought by EA and became EA Canada and had a hand in developing some of the Need for Speed games.

Here's a rock rendition of the Test Drive II theme:

That actually reminds me somewhat of bits of the Burnout 2 soundtrack (one of my all-time fave game soundtracks). Nice work.

Talking of the staff on the game, I think one of the programmers who played your opponents on Stunts ended in charge of the the FIFA games at EA. Either "Bernie" or "Skid" IIRC. Not "Cherry" though; but she got a small part on The Commish. Not joking. I read it somewhere after reinstalling the game last year and wondering what happened to them all. That, and I wanted to see what Cherry looked like now, of course.

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Yup. Great bug!

I actually tried playing Stunts again a year or so ago, and couldn't quite recapture the fun feeling. I guess you it's true what they say about never being able to go home.

I'm disappointed & surprised that Youtube doesn't seem to have that clip of Cherry Chassis blowing a kiss at you though.

(IIRC, the programmers/artists on the game played the racers; that was a cool touch too.)
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