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Rhubarbodendron wrote: View Post
. . . My colleagues still tease me about a typo I made 10 years ago. I had intended to permit the building of a big carp pond - Karpfenteich in my language.
Due to an unfortunate typo it became a Krapfenteich, a donut-pond.
It could have been worse. If you'd made the same mistake in English, it would have been a crap pond.

Speaking of typos, one time I typeset a business card for a woman with the title "Account Executive" under her name. Only I inadvertently left out the "o" in "account." No one caught the error and it went to the customer that way.

(I swear it was an honest mistake -- I didn't even know the lady.)

thestrangequark wrote: View Post
I came across this article on BBC News, about changing trends in alcohol consumption in Australia, which contains some hilarious reinforcement of stereotypes, the best paragraph being:

Taking time off booze has become so popular that enterprising charities have jumped on the bandwagon. Instead of skydiving or running a marathon to raise money for a good cause, Australians can now be sponsored to stay sober for a month.
Yes, it's a pernicious stereotype that all Australians are big boozers. Hell, the Irish, the Scots and the Russians make the Aussies look like teetotalers!
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