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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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Mine came early, arriving around the middle of Monday.

Watched it this evening. A very good set of episodes. Though it asks more questions than it answers (it answers a lot of quetions, but just added a whole bunch more to the pile).

The episodes are trying to convince me that this verson is better than the original. I'm not quite arguing with them anymore, but there are several plots going on that need resolving aside from the plots in the original show. And it looks like they will have time to resolve most of those plots. One plot I can tell is a setup for the future and probably won't resolve in this series. That will just be a matter on if they decide to make more after Yamato 2199.

I just watched all 4 episodes myself last night; and other than them showing combat with the Comet Empire (who were the main enemies in the second original Yamato series); I didn't see them add any plot lines that couldn't be resolved in the remaining 12 episodes (I'm assuming we're slated to get a full 26 like the original had.)

And I agree with you in that I REALLY like how they are re-telliing the original story; yet still adding completely new (but logical) nuances and expanding on the original (in a good way).

Some of the stuff I've enjoyed (protected by spoiler code for anyone who may want to view the episodes in whatever form they can get them :

I'm really starting to hate the fact we have to wait months between new disc releases.
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