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Re: A Khan and Klingon alliance?

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One of the ideas or a neat hope of mine, which I don't think is going to happen, is this...what if the Klingons were the ones to discover Khan on the Botnay Bay? I can imagine an angry Khan who was sent away wanting to exact revenge on the people of Earth who, in a sense, wronged him and his followers. With all of that, he convinces the Klingons to help him destroy the Federation and Earth, but I would imagine that at some point Khan turns on the Klingons for whatever reason like using the Klingons as a means to maybe control the Alpha quadrant as well...what do you think?
Star Trek: Nemesis already did this. Shinzon is Khan, the Romulan fleet is the strength of the Romulan Empire. How Shinzon gets control of Romulus is by promising Earth as a prize to the Romulan Military. He stops only to make sure he'll live, but is conflicted when he's around humans and hesitates to kill Picard to save his own life.
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