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Re: Why Khan?

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I'm asking for THEME. I'm asking for a subject matter that leaves me thinking after the movie. I want them to take a subject and flesh it out in as many different ways as possible. Provide counter opinions for a healthy debate, but still make it true to life.
I took from ST 2009 that it was the "Nature vs Nurture" debate. Two Kirks we know: one grows up with a Mum and Dad, goes to Starfleet, makes great choices in life, commands a famous starship and makes it more famous. Another loses his Dad at birth, is rudderless for way too many years, makes poor choices, until Pike sponsors him. Isn't it also about fate?: is every Kirk destined to command the Enterprise? Certainly, he does in the Prime Universe, the Mirror Universe and this new timeline.

Spock and Uhura: their choice to have a relationship in this new timeline puts them on different personal arcs than in the Prime Universe. This Spock also has a very different father/son relationship than the Prime Universe Spock, who did not speak to Sarek as father-and-son for decades. And they have now lost Amanda and their home planet. How will it affect their futures?

Pike's destiny: crippled in both timelines.

After the film, my friends and I enjoyed many healthy debates about "Nature vs Nurture" and Fate and Destiny. Too bad you weren't there.
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