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Re: The Stuff of Dreams cover

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Why in the world do we need Kirk back in the 24th century?
Because we LOVE HIM.

And it would be cool to see him in a new era.
Oh, I love him just fine... in the 23rd century.

Nothing against Kirk, he's my hero and he's awesome and I love 'im to pieces, but he's already got, what, 7 books this year? (Counting JJ-Kirk, that is.) That's plenty. If I want stories of him in the 24th century, I'll read the Shatnerverse books.

Allyn Gibson wrote:
I also question the format. If you're going to bring Kirk back into the 24th-century novel continuity, is an eBook novella really the best place to do that? The destruction of the Borg and the resurrection of Data merited entire trilogies; the return of Kirk, a character who is far more of a cultural touchstone than Data and the Borg combined, merits a footnote by comparison? From a marketing standpoint, returning Kirk in The Stuff of Dreams makes no sense at all.
This x 100. In fact, I'm rather hoping it's a fresh story about the Nexus that doesn't necessarily deal with the fact that characters we know exist in it. I really enjoyed the last TNG ebook because the format let it feel like an episode, so I'm rather hoping this one will be a nice, comfortable non-universe-changing episodic story.
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