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Re: Wonderful Enterprise 1702 (Fan made) flying at future earth

Overall, not a bad design. I don't think that the "spokes" look wide enough; they look a little thin for passageways, and look like they don't have much hull plating between them and the vacuum of space. I kind of like the simplicity of how the nacelles and pylons are mounted on the elliptical hull, though she looks a little small for an Enterprise, especially the later the era that she is supposed to be from.

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yeah... you totally didn't get what i meant.

the 'probed' was like 'probed by aliens'. which i'll be honest is a lame joke that seemed funny at the time. and wasn't aimed at you anyway.

and the weird rant was in response to your massive piece about me criticizing you when i hadn't. and if english isn't your first language i guess that would be lost in translation.

good luck with your starships and i'm out of here.
I did not find the joke ammusing, since I already had to deal with jokes like that each time I mention anything remorely related to UFO's, hence why I stay in the art forums, mainly, now. Not in the moods for drama, you know.

Can't wait to see anymore of the stuffs.
I think that is a major problem with the subject: not enough people take UFOs or ETs seriously. Instead of approaching the subject seriously and with some form of alacrity, as a society, we mostly ignore it, and if it were to turn out that some of the claims made by conspiracy theorists were true, by ignoring, ridiculing, and even worse, discouraging the subject, we might be doing so to our own eventual detriment.

And I find it disturbing that I haven't found many other members here who appear to take seriously the possibility that not only have UFOs and aliens have been here for quite some time, but also that at least some unpleasant claims might have a truth behind them. I would expect much more open minds on the subject.
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