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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Doctor Doolittle I am not, but it's pretty obvious to delineate one side of the country form the other.

But the window we get into America is movies and scripted fiction where after so many classes and a lot of coaching that a uniform acceptable accent for TV has been constructed.

I quite like Dallas, Nashville and Hart of Dixie at the moment, but 90 percent of the ascents in those shows are fake, and terrible, which is only going to misrepresent my belief in Americana a little more.

I've met a handful of Americans in my life and they never sound like TV.

North from south is piss easy.

The different souths?

Too far north and Canadianisms start slipping in.

Maybe this is a better question for someone who watches "relaity TV" or has actually travelled through America.
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