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Stories can't help but be "about something," since they tell about human beings and their experiences.

When writers become self-conscious about sending a message or setting up a moral they are telling tales for children.

Star Trek will be a far better series of movies and TV shows if no writer ever again says to him/herself "what message am I attempting to reflect upon society?"

That serves no real purpose other than a reach-around for folks who like to be flattered.
Hey, I'm not asking for Aesop's fables or a parable from the Bible. I'm asking for THEME. I'm asking for a subject matter that leaves me thinking after the movie. I want them to take a subject and flesh it out in as many different ways as possible. Provide counter opinions for a healthy debate, but still make it true to life. Take "Rent," for instance. You'll agree that's not Star Trek, right? Fulfillment in life--all of that is fleshed out in these characters. They foil each other, intertwine, and deal with the same problem. And I am able to take away that from someone's pain of losing friends to AIDS.

When I say true-to-life, for instance, I go back to Picard standing on a rock face talking to Soran. That was just to get out Soran's motivation and that's it. I wasn't lost in the movie after that scene. If an artist is just going to put drama on the big screen--this character is angry, that one is happy, they clash and the angry one makes the happy one suffer--then that's not deep enough for me to enjoy it. You what that is called? A soap opera. A bad one.
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