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Re: Why Khan?

Actually, I don't care whether Vader is a male or female. I'm not that invested in this stuff. Entertain me for two hours and then we can talk about continuity and "icons" and nonsense if we must.

I see all kinds of fan proposals for what they "ought to be doing" with Star Trek - the silliest are the ones talking in glittering generalities about "moving forward" or "exploring new worlds" and then propose that setting a movie in the 27th century or following up on the political fallout of some godforsaken TV war will be "thought-provoking" and somehow improve Trek.

Or they want to bring back the Klingons again. Enough with the Klingons and that goes double for Romulans. What little Abrams has shown so far promises a great deal more entertainment than any of the other proposals I read on the Internet.
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